It’s Time To Understand that success in the lifestyle is achievable for anyone.

There is a whole new lifestyle out there available to any guy who knows about it and how to navigate within it.

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Created By Extraordinary therapist Sue McGarvie and Researcher Dr Will Phillip

I'm sure I'm not the only one who, over the last year, stumbled through the confusing  and disheartening process of succeeding in this lifestyle. Oh, how I wish I had come across this course sooner! Sue and Will do a fantastic job of making a complex topic understandable, and bolsters one's confidence to point where the “single guy’s leap" is not so intimidating. Before taking this course, I spent years wondering what I needed to know and do to meet couples and available women in the lifstyle. Now I know... 5 stars! ~Len  G.

Swinging, Hotwives, softswp versus fullswap, bulls versus stags…

You want to learn about the lifestyle and you are curious about it but don't know where to start. Start here.

Sexual freedom is at an all time high. Being perfect looking isn’t as important as it used to be. Society is keeping this lifestyle under wraps.
It’s your time for something new but what?
The lifestyle was invented and reinvented every century as an alternative to monogamy by every civilization. It allows people like you and I to have guilt free sexual freedom in an ethical way without blowing up our lives. We just refined it so that you can learn it without blowing up your life.
Instead of high divorce rates, lonely sad people and anxiety and depression, there is now a wonderful weight to connect with like minded people and create long lasting authentic and exciting relationships without the boundaries of the vanilla world. .
Swinging or the Lifestyle was once a dirty secret shrouded in mystery, practiced by a quiet few. Now it is a worldwide industry attracting singles and couples of every age and demographic. What was once mostly unheard of, is now celebrated, studied, and even watched on television. It has grown and it is here to stay and it can be yours, as a single guy as well if you want it to be

“You're right on time to learn and start participating. 2022 is the very beginning of its mainstream popularity. In 2022 there will be at least 1 in 5 people involved in ethical non-monogamy. Don't be late to the party. 

People can start gently.   You don’t need to suddenly be shagging strangers at an event.  Lots of people just attend saucy events, watch other couples, and have sexy conversations that they never thought they would have.    You go at your own pace always and no always means no.

People are enjoying the lifestyle alone or with their partner (s) once they know how it works and how great it is.   It’s really about empowerment and recognizing that there are so many experiences and people out there

When you hear about non-monogamy, swinging or the lifestyle you may wonder...

Is it real?

How do I get involved?

Is it safe for relationships?

Will I regret it?

What if you don’t look like a movie star?

Isn’t it just cheating?

Does it replace conventional marriage?

Can I keep it a secret from my kids?

What if I am well known?

How do I keep from falling in love?


“If you have any of these questions, you’re not alone. It's new to most people.
Less than 10% of global population are into non-monogamy now, but that's about to change! In parts of Europe(Germany for example) , swinging is practically mainstream, and there is no sign of things changing.
As more people get involved, more people will want to get involved.

Bottomline:  You are only going to get older and eventually this may no longer appeal to you.  Don’t waste your youth thinking of what might be and your older life wondering what might have been.

If you knew how to introduce yourself to a woman in the lifestyle and accept you because it  was positive and supportive to her main relationship, How would your life change?

In this book and course bundle, I’m going to show you the EXACTLY the information that you need to know to create a plan, prepare for your first adventure and many more.

“Ethical Non-monogamy is the desire of couples who understand that you can’t get everything you need from just one person.  That plus one could include you! ”

~ Dr Will Philip researcher and ethical hedonist

So, WHO am I and WHY should you learn from me?

Hi, Our Names are We are Sue McGarvie and Will Philip

I am sex advocate and researcher in the area of single men in the lifestyle.   I have been the third person, and the married husband and having seen the sexy lifestyle from both sides, I understand from every aspect what attracts and keeps couples in the lifestyle that so far has not really welcomed single men.    In conjunction with Sue McGarvie, sex and relationship therapist for the past twenty years, we have created the ultimate course on helping single guys find their home in the lifestyle as a vital part of the sexual excitement that couples of every age are thirsty for.

In our various discussions about the lifestyle, we saw the growth and the sanity of creating options for single and couples that were not rooted in shame or secrecy.  We saw how difficult it was to even have a conversation with a partner unless you had found a way to create safety for that conversation and had primed the fantasy generator to some degree.     We both had experienced the tendency to get too emotionally involved, to ignore warning signs and to not have the conversations that needed to be had.    Despite the benefits of the swinging lifestyle, we saw that it had needed to be mapped out and that the couple had to progress in a safe and gentle way if the relationship was to be stronger at the end of the process.   Given our extensive experience in both the positive and the negative aspects of the lifestyle, we decided to launch and here we are today launching our first new courses designed for the single man that wants to be invited to the party.   

We have spent thousands of hours working on these courses that have been based on the latest clinical information and experience that I have personally had and the ongoing research, interviews,  and personal interviews and  experiences by Will.   The issues were best reviewed and talked out by a therapist and a researcher, by a man and a woman, by people who had been single and married, cheated and been in ethics, to create for you a pathway to happiness within a lifestyle designed for pleasure.   This information has been so amazing that our students have reported life changing conversations with their partners, mind blowing sexual experiences in their lives and complete satisfaction with their sexual lives.   

“My #1 priority is to help empower you to create your own sexual freedom path and to show you how to keep your personal relationships safe”

I'm going to show you EXACTLY what you need to get started.  The Single Guy Mastery" video program and course bundle will teach you the single guy, how easy it is  to have your first encounter. 

All types of guys are getting into ethical non-monogamy.. Anyone can participate and there will never be a better time.

I make it easy to understand.    I intentionally made it as short as possible to give you exactly what you need so you don’t get overwhelmed by anything you don’t need.

Gain the knowledge you need before you jump into this amazing lifestyle.

Introducing The Single Guy Mastery Course


Straight Forward Explanations And A Step By Step Plan!


What Exactly Is The Course?


An e-book bundle and lifetime access video course.  This course explains exactly what ethical non-monogamy is, how it works and how to be a master from the very start.

You’ll learn who gets involved, how happens and how you can be a part of it.

When you sign up for Single Guy Mastery, you’ll be getting a well-designed streamlined course that will inform and prepare you for exciting sexy conversations. Understand what people are talking about and contribute to the conversation rather than feeling lost. Get world class knowledge without the overwhelm. Just clean, clear information.

The e-Books Help You stand out from the rest: Learn - Prepare - Understand

  • Learn with the 50 page e-book.
  • 10 QUICK steps to achieve a G Spot ORGASM

“This exclusive course explains everything with crystal clarity as it guides you through a solid  plan.   Learn where to go, what to say, and how to connect with like minded sexy  people just like you.

This guide was easy to follow and not complicated by useless "filler" information. It was outlined and categorized in such a fashion that one could return to previously read topics, or just go to a topic of interest - even if out of order. The bonus for me, was that this course contained relevant, up- to-date information for everyone regardless of their age or relationship status. ~ Martin Marquardt

Here’s A Quick Breakdown Of The Material

Section One: The Fundamentals

If you like having sex with attached women, these are the things you must know.

Section Two: The What. The Why. The How

In this section we learn about online profiles, getting consent, and how to create the magic that guarantees return invitations.

Section Three: The Advanced Tips that can make a difference

To become a regular part of married women's sexual lives is the goal of the really great single guy who can choose his ideal partners


1. Membership to our exclusive Facebook page for our members where we provide on going information and answer your questions.
2. Book - Quivering Jello - How to have Mind Blowing Toe-Curling orgasms #1 Best Seller by Clinical Sex Therapist Sue McGarvie on how to bring women to orgasm - including the elusive G spot orgasm
3. Accreditation if you pass the examinations you will receive our certification which will help you get into clubs, resorts and receive preferential treatment from prospective singles and couples.

INCLUDED: Lifetime Access to the Video Program!

The coaching videos are a blessing to gain deeper insight! Once you own this, it’s yours forever. Review every time you are making plans to go out to renew your knowledge and enthusiasm.



Online course and one on one coaching

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