The most Famous LIfestyle Resort in the World - my review of Hedonism 2

Feb 03, 2022

So, being on the down low and living in the cold doesn't really make you want to get naked and have sex with new friends.  

That is why there is a place in the Caribbean called Hedonism 2.   This is a resort like no other and it has been around for decades.   Hedo as it is called boasts a return rate of nearly 80% and that was before the upgrades and renovations done by Harry  Lange the new owner, in the past five years.    

The resort is a mecca for swingers from all over the world.   It has everything that could promote  the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that couples and singles want.    Many people who attend Hedonism 2 will tell you that the resort has ruined them for a normal resort and that they would not go anywhere else.  Strong praise indeed.  

Like most all inclusive resorts, there are quite a few bars all over the resort to allow you to take advantage of their extensive bar menu.  Pools, clothing optional are all over and there are sports for those who want to play tennis or go scuba diving and snorkeling.  The three restaurants provide almost round the clock food for you and there is the disco and the piano bar to entertain you when you feel like dancing it out.  

You will find that the nude beach is completely chill and the nude pool will provide you with lots of entertaining fun and the ability to meet all of your fellow residents.   What makes Hedo unique though, is the fact that you are completely free to choose the level of debauchery that interests you.   There is a play room close to the hut tub that allows you to watch or participate in the games that people play.  Hedonism is  a paradise for those free spirits that are looking for sexual adventures.  Single or part of a couple, you can find your  special sexy adventure there.