MFMs are The Gateway to The Lifestyle

Mar 05, 2023

There are five main reasons why a threesome with two guys could be the best possible experience to get your toes wet in the lifestyle.

1. It's Easy

The first reason is not obvious, but it is the most compelling. Inviting a third guy into your bedroom for some married pussy is dead easy. Single guys abound in the lifestyle. Single girls, not so much. We call them (single girls) unicorns for a reason. They are rare, and they can be very choosy. Single guys, on the other hand, have heaps of competition with other single guys. They are plenty, and they are very willing. So, it's not difficult to arrange at all.

2. Women Love Attention

Number two — let's face it, you have thought about it. Ladies like the idea of being the centre of attention. It is a common fantasy and the easiest one to turn into reality. MFM can be your gateway into the lifestyle, and for some women, it will become a key regular feature of their sexual exploration. Imagine being pleasured from your eyes to your toes by two guys who work together to ensure that you are completely satisfied. The evening definitely lasts twice as long and is twice as exciting. If the idea of four-hands massage lights you up, how do you think you would feel with four hands, two lips, two tongues, and two cocks — all focused on a lady whose primary job is to lie back and enjoy.  

3. Green-Eyed Monster!!!

Number three is the green-eyed monster. Some ladies don't like the idea of their man, their one-and-only, having sex with another woman, even if they are having sex with someone else at the same time. Jealousy is not always rational, is it? Having a threesome with two guys takes her green-eyed monster out of the equation. You don't have to worry about some younger, thinner woman capturing your man's interest. It's not an issue in MFM.

If you have a jealous woman in your life and she is resisting the lifestyle because she isn't sure she can handle watching her man be with another woman, you now have a solution to that issue. Funnily enough, once she has a few threesomes with a few guys, she will realize that jealousy isn't something that is as large a fear anymore. Her own experience of having sex with men and not falling in love will reassure her that you are not going to leave her for someone else, even if they are fantastic in bed. Women quickly realize that sex, lust, and falling in love are all very different things and that you can easily separate a lusty sexy encounter from the love you have for a mate. One is totally different than the other.

4. Compersion: The Gift of Lust for The Familiar

A gross understatement is that it is pretty hot for some men! Most men secretly love the idea of watching their partner with another man. It is likely the best pornographic display that they can ever imagine. The proper, conservative, church-going PTA mom has a big huge dick in her mouth, and it isn't yours. Who is this woman? That can't be my wife?! I need to have her now!! MFMs allow the man to focus on you and to fully embrace the moment where they can realize their often unspoken fantasy of watching you with someone else. HINT: Does your husband ever ask you about your past lovers? Does he sometimes pry you for the details? These are strong cues that he would be excited to see you in bed with someone else.

5. What Performance Anxiety?

Number five is that your partner may find it much easier to have sex with you and another guy than to have sex with another couple. He doesn’t have to use a condom with you, he isn’t going to be worried about performing, and he can relax when your new friend is pounding you. Believe it or not, the expectations of new female partners are high... get aroused by a new person, get hard, stay hard, grind it out long enough for her to have an orgasm, and then come — all while wearing a condom and not getting too sweaty. Hey, it’s nice work if you can get it, but it doesn’t always happen the way you would like, and then your negative thoughts can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Having a threesome with your wife and some dude would be welcomed by many men who don’t like dealing with the pressure.

Single or Couple?

Having sex with another couple where everyone likes everyone and is turned on will still be the number one dietary delight on most couples’ sex menus, but the MFM threesome is a definite ideal second — or even sometimes ideal first — choice.