4 More Reasons to Play

Mar 05, 2023

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6. Acceptance

We all have flaws, and very few have perfect bodies. In the lifestyle, that is well understood and very much accepted. It's often said there is someone for everyone in the lifestyle. In the vanilla world, there is body shaming, and it is hurtful and causes deep losses in self-esteem. People in the swinging lifestyle don't tend to feel disrespected because there is a level of acceptance. People want you to be there, and most are very happy to talk with you and learn your story. As in any group, there can be elitist subgroups, but in the main, you will find people in the lifestyle to be the most friendly and open you will ever meet.    

7. Take-Back Sex (OMG)

For a large percentage of men, the taking back of their wives after watching them with another man (or men) is typically the craziest and most intense sexual experience they will ever have. It is definitely hard-wired for men to have strong feelings of angst when seeing their mate coupling with another male. Once take-back sex begins, men will typically experience stronger erections and mind-blowing orgasms that can last significantly longer. Some scientists explain that this is because the man is programmed to have stronger orgasms to defeat the sperm of the other males with a stronger ejaculation. Whatever the reason, it's one of the most exciting aspects of the lifestyle for a couple that finds themselves feeling a greater sense of connection after being with others. For most couples, it can be an unexpected but seriously exciting part of their shared experience.

8. Close Friends to Talk To

There is no doubt that after having sex with someone, or someone's partner, there is an opportunity to open up and talk about virtually anything. This type of honesty and openness doesn't exist in the vanilla world. People tend to keep their feelings about sex, aging, relationships, and success to themselves. We tend not to be open books. This is typically not the case in the open lifestyle. The sexual openness and respect you have for your new partners carry with it the trust and comfort to discuss more intimate details of each other's lives. Many report that their lifestyle friends become their closest real friends in their lives. You have so much in common with your buddies in the lifestyle, and with that comes the ease of communication and stronger bonds. It is definitely an unexpected bonus of the lifestyle.



9. Libido Imbalance

In this situation, the lifestyle can be a lifesaver. Libido imbalance is not a rare thing. There are many medical, psychological, and physiological reasons for a disparity between one spouse's sex drive and another's. The lifestyle allows relief for the partner that isn't interested in sex as much as the other. It can create opportunities for sexual release without an affair or going to prostitutes, and it allows sexual freedom to take place in a controlled and private way.

In our experience, money and sex are the two reasons why couples most often break up a marriage. While the lifestyle can't solve money problems, it can certainly solve the problems around the horny or uninterested spouse. In the end, sex is just one way we love each other and is only one small part of a marriage or relationship. That said, it enormously impacts how we feel about ourselves and our partners. If one partner is unable or unwilling to be a part of a sexual dynamic, there will be some problems. However, if the couple is open and communicative enough, they can create room for the "horny" spouse to be in the lifestyle as a single person to meet other people so that their needs are satisfied, thus strengthening the marriage. Many prostitutes and girlfriends have said that their relationship with the husband was why the marriage survived, as many men and women cannot survive in a relationship without sex. For many, sex is not an option — it's necessary for their mental and physical health.