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We were, not so long ago, like you. As a woman, a sex therapist, and a great interest in sex, I was attracted to non-monogamy and struggled with it until I discovered that there is an unwritten playbook in the lifestyle when it comes to dealing with people, even those who are not CRAZY! I knew in my soul, that my first marriage with a wonderful but monogamous man wasn’t going to work. In my second serious relationship, I went with someone who didn’t really have a clue that non-monogamy was a team sport and he over time just went way over the edge in terms of pushing boundaries and much more. That relationship didn’t work long term. These set backs made me understand that we all needed to have a roadmap for our lives, but particularly in the non-monogamous lifestyle. As I entered the world of non-monogamy both professionally and personally I understood that swinging (the lifestyle) could be wonderful or horrible. It could help relationships thrive, or it could decimate them. As a counselling professional and having a personal history with the lifestyle I realized that I had to use my skills and experience to help others achieve the success that I did have and avoid the pitfalls that I experienced. Mostly, I felt that if anyone was to do what I suggested, they would have amazing sexual experiences that would blow their minds and by getting the right advice, it wouldn’t take very long.
If you really want to meet great people, have amazing sex with a variety of partners, increase your confidence and that of your significant other, then you must take our courses. Its that simple.


I met Sue 20 years ago, when I realized I was in over my head. I had a sex drive that was literally ruling (ruining) my life. I had to have sex all the time and being monogamous was not something I could do. To make things even worse, I couldn’t really accept that part of myself and when I met other potential partners who felt the same way, I had trouble accepting that point of view of theirs. I was a hypocrite who wanted to have a one sided open relationship. I was not interested in being open and honest with my partners. To make things worse, given my tendency to prefer short meaningless relationships, I was robbing myself of deep connections with women that I might have been able to have honest and deep relationships with.
Not being able to admit the true nature of your own sexual needs and instead trying to conform with historic Victorian attitudes of society is a terrible way to live.
Sue and I had always had a great connection and as my therapist, I quickly discovered that her honest approach to non-monogamy really appealed to me. As I did more research and gathered more experience in non-monogamy, I discovered that I wanted to educate others so that they wouldn’t have to live the double life that I had tried to live. I learned that it was possible to be authentic and not be judged. Even more reassuring was the fact that there were many others who felt the same and were equally interested in having it all.
We realized very quickly that joining forces and creating programs for audiences like you that needed resources, support and information was going to be a labour of love. This was the direction I wanted and this was the subject that needed to be explored by so many couples experiencing the unwanted cooling of a once hot relationship.


There are many swingers in the world and there are many researchers but to find researchers and therapists who are also swingers is a fantastic combination. No one has interviewed and counselled more swingers than Sue McGarvie. We have everything you need to succeed and be happy and be fulfilled. Stop wishing and take one of our courses today or become a monthly member. We also have one on one coaching if you need handholding. It doesn’t matter, just take the step like we did and know we are here for you.

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